Last week was a busy one getting the final touches done on my website, on my coaching course, doing several practice sessions, and rearranging my workspace. So, on Saturday I took the opportunity to slow right back down with a yoga for relaxation morning with Beth Featherbe.

When Oscar was a baby, Mum and I went to a weekly yoga class with a relaxation section at the end. I fell asleep every time! That was over a decade ago and I’ve not done any regular yoga since, so I was a little apprehensive about going straight in to a two hour class. I needn’t have worried though, as this was pure relaxation. Comfortable poses bolstered with blocks and blankets as we breathed deeply and meditated.

I’ve been convinced of the benefits of meditation for a while now, but haven’t managed to actually practice it much (unless I’m having trouble falling asleep). It goes against all my instincts to just sit still doing “nothing.” Sitting still watching rubbish on TV I can do, sitting still to read I can do, even taking a little time out to stretch I can do (sometimes). But just sitting still and breathing, or lying down to deeply rest with no intention of napping? Nope. There’s just too much else to be done and not being productive feels wasteful.

I’m getting better at clearing my mind, dismissing my intruding thoughts, but only when I’m trying to sleep or sometimes when I’m alone in nature. Saturday’s class has really helped me to see how important it is so stop and just be, to fully and deeply relax. At a time where I’ve been going at a million miles an hour, this is more important than ever in helping me keep going and not burning myself out before I’ve even really started!