It’s almost my birthday. 37. Late 30s. Almost 40.

Those statements should sound scarier than they do.

I feel very lucky to have found so much joy in my life and to feel so settled before I’m 40. I’ve done all the usual milestones: marriage, mortgage, motherhood, marathon. No-one is banging on about my body clock.

I already live by the sea and am part of an amazing community. I have no intention of moving house (far too stressful!).

And now I have discovered my vocation in coaching and am building my dream career for myself with the right work-life balance at its core. I feel so grateful to have got to this point before I’m 40, and I know that the coaching I’ve received has been partly responsible for this.

chloe myers dare to dream

So what’s next?

Before I’m 40, I’d love to write a novel that brings together everything I know about inspiring, motivating and empowering people. I want it to show people how they can use coaching techniques to transform their own lives. So that’s my next project, alongside building up my own coaching practice of course, and home educating Oscar! By sharing this dream here, I hope to make myself accountable and therefore more likely to follow it through! Watch this space for updates…