We are now halfway through the first term of this school year. My oldest son, Oscar, is home educated and has been for almost a year now. It’s taken a year for both of us to “deschool,” but it’s been worth every second and has been the best decision I’ve ever made for him and all of us. My other son, Charlie, has done his 11+ this term and is hoping to go to the grammar school next year.

This first half term can be a strange one as for so many people it is a transitional time. Young children moving from nursery or home to pre school, four year olds going off to primary school for the first time (but not before having their photo taken in front of the fireplace!), 11 year olds starting high school, 16 year olds off to college or Sixth Form, and scariest of all, 18 year olds off travelling or to university, living alone for the first time and leaving their parents with empty nests and heads full of worry!

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I’ve been working with someone who has had her youngest child start primary school this term, and has found the transition strange. She now has time to herself that she hasn’t had in years and is thinking about her return to work, and how that can work as a single Mum responsible for 100% of the school runs. We’ve been working on how she can make the most of the time to herself, as well as starting to plan for finding flexible employment.

I’ve also had the pleasure of working with two Mums who are home educators and another who is considering it, and this is something I’d love to do more of. I know too well the agony of watching a child suffer at school, the stress of trying to get them into school each day only for them to refuse and to have to attempt to entertain them whilst trying to work, and reassure school that yes you will try again tomorrow and you understand how important attendance is. Taking a child out of school and taking on the responsibility for their education is a huge decision, with potentially massive financial impacts, and can’t be taken lightly.

If your child is struggling at school and you don’t know where else to turn, please get in touch and I can help you understand your options properly and make an informed decision that is right for you and your child and wider family.