Christmas time can be a stretch for everyone financially with presents to buy, extra mouths to feed, decorations to buy and power, meals and parties and drinks and shiny outfits to pay for. This year though it is even worse for many people who have already been struggling with rising energy and fuel bills on top of the usual Christmas expenses.

Through coaching, I can help you understand your financial beliefs and values, to help you prioritise your spending so that you are covering the essentials but not missing out on the purchases that bring you joy.

Many people dream of travelling the world, but feel external pressure to get a job, earn as much as possible, buy a house and make their way up the housing ladder. I can help you to explore your different options and set yourself goals that will allow you to follow the path that is right for you, even helping you to have the difficult conversations you may need to have with family members who disagree with your choices.

steven myers financial advisor

My wonderful husband is a financial advisor and can support you with mortgages, life insurance and pensions, as well as more thoroughly exploring your financial goals based on your individual situation. He’s a total hero at finding people the right solutions for them, and best of all, he’ll take on the job of phoning banks and solicitors on your behalf, saving you literally hours of listening to hold music! Also, he’s just really nice and I love him 🙂