…is connection.

As a very sociable person with many friends and an often exhaustingly jam packed diary, I have still experienced awful loneliness. I remember one time in particular when I was struggling and didn’t feel anyone understood or cared. I knew deep down that if I reached out to any of my friends, they’d be there for me in a heartbeat. If I put it in my Facebook status, I’d have an influx of kind messages in minutes. I knew that people wanted to look after me and show they cared and to feel helpful. But it was easier said than done to admit to those people that I was struggling, especially since (I think) people see me as a strong and positive person. I didn’t want to let them down. And I felt like if I did reach out, then I’d have to talk about it, and that wasn’t what I wanted or needed – I just needed to feel seen. In the end of course, I did reach out to a few friends, went out on a few walks, received a few bunches of flowers, and felt better without a day or two of sending those texts.

chloe myers

If you need someone to listen and help you feel seen and validated, but don’t feel you have the right person to reach out to, please get in touch. I will listen without judgement, and, when you’re ready, help you to build a supportive community around yourself.