Do you feel like life is all work and no play?

Are you so exhausted from work that all you can face doing at the end of the day is slumping on the sofa with a big glass of wine and watching TV?

When you take time for yourself to rest or play – reading your book, having a bath, going for a weekend away with friends – do you find yourself feeling so guilty that it doesn’t feel worth it?

You’re not alone.

You are almost expected to feel overwhelmed all the time, to burn out at least once in your career.

But you don’t have to.

By prioritising rest and play, you will have the energy, motivation and ideas to be more productive and creative in your work.

Prioritising rest and play will mean you’re happier and calmer, and that will make you a better friend, partner, and parent.

Getting that balance right will leave you with the time, energy and motivation to start achieving your goals so that you can live a more fulfilling and authentic life.

This book is the perfect launchpad for your dreams.

It’s short and sweet and packed with journal questions so that you can apply the ideas to your own life.

This book could just be the catalyst to your happier, calmer future.

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