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What is coaching?

Coaching helps you explore your present reality and then design and reach the future you want. Unlike counselling, it is very much future focused and goal orientated. Unlike mentoring, in coaching the goal is to help you find your own solutions rather than sharing my own knowledge, experience or ideas. This makes coaching a truly sustainable investment, as it teaches you more about your own values and beliefs and how to think differently so that you can make difficult decisions more easily in the future. Coaching will inspire, motivate and empower you so that you can be your best self.

My book, Work Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard, gives an insight into what coaching is all about and is full of questions so that you can coach yourself and feel more balanced and less overwhelmed.

My Sober and Sunny course helps you to say goodbye to alcohol and the hangovers, guilt and shame that comes with it, and hello to a happier, more energetic and healthier life where you achieve all the things that you want to. It’s self directed so that you can take it at your own pace, and return to it whenever you need to. Upgrade to Sober and Sparkling for 1:1 coaching throughout a six week alcohol free challenge, to help you make the most of your newfound time and energy!

To book 1:1 coaching, please email for a free 30 minute conversation to make sure we are a good match.

 If you’re interested in training to become a coach yourself, please click here


Why would I need coaching?
We all have times in our lives where things feel out of our own control or that we are just going along with things that happen to us rather than making things happen the ways we want them to. Family and work responsibilities, money worries, or simply low confidence, can get in the way of following our dreams. Coaching can help you take charge of your life, finding more purpose, direction and fulfilment so that you can achieve your dreams and have a happier, more balanced life.
How does it work?

Through coaching, we will gain a thorough understanding of what your life is like now and what your ideal life would be like. Then we’ll work out what’s stopping you from having that life right now and work out the steps you need to take to reach it. We’ll be working on self-confidence, personal values, self-limiting beliefs, time management, scheduling, setting boundaries and more. I’ll also show you tools and models that you can use in the future so that you are empowered to keep striving for bigger and braver goals.

What actually happens?

A typical coaching programme would involve meeting in person (in South Devon) or virtually six times for an hour or hour and a half each time. This could be weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – it’s very much tailored to your own needs and desires. Similarly, some people prefer to have ad-hoc one-off sessions as and when they have challenges to face and would like to talk them through.

What can I expect from coaching?
You can expect to come away from each session feeling inspired and motivated, able to tackle any challenge head-on. You can expect to come away from a coaching programme with more clarity about your life and what you want from it and having the confidence to achieve those things. You may be working towards a specific goal such as getting a promotion, starting a business, running a marathon, writing a book, or anything else and we would work together to help you reach those goals.
How much does it cost?

Coaching is a real investment in your future, and it can be hard to appreciate the true value of it until you’ve experienced it for yourself. My goal as your coach is to empower you so much that you no longer need me – making this a really sustainable, long term, one time investment. 

WORK HARD, REST HARD, PLAY HARD is like having a coach in your pocket. It’s full of questions so that you can coach yourself too. That might be all you need to achieve your goals, or to give you an insight into what coaching is really like. £6-8.99 on Amazon as ebook, paperback, or audiobook.

Sober and Sunny is a course which will not only help you to say goodbye to alcohol to good, but also give you tools and techniques that will help you achieve your future goals. £49.00 for lifetime access.

Sober and Sparkling is a six week alcohol-free challenge in which you’ll get lifetime access to Sober and Sunny as well as weekly 1:1 coaching sessions with me to help you celebrate your successes, overcome any challenges, and ensure you’re making the most of your newfound time and energy. £695 for the six week programme.

Like my approach but happy with your relationship with alcohol? I can still coach you!

Hop, Skip, Jump is a 1:1 coaching programme and will empower you to design and live your life exactly the way you want to. This is for you when you’re wanting to make a major change in your life, like going for a promotion or starting a business. £1,375.00 for a 3 month programme.

Yellow Brick Road is a 1:1 coaching programme with monthly check-ins to help you reflect on your life, appreciating the good things and responding better to the more difficult things so that you can maintain a happy balance without making any major changes. £999.00 for a six month programme.

I offer a free 30 minute coaching taster to give you the opportunity to find out more about me and my style of coaching before you commit. Just email to organise yours.

Who is coaching for?
Absolutely anyone! Everyone could benefit from reflecting on their lives and bringing more purpose and direction to their futures. As your coach, I will be asking you open questions to help you see your situation from different perspectives and to explore different solutions and futures. The cornerstone of coaching is that the person with the problem is the person who holds the best solution – my job is to help you find it and make it happen, giving you the skills to find your own solutions without me in the future.
What sort of people do you help?

I mainly work with working mums or people with ADHD who want to stop drinking and get sober so that they can have more time and energy to be their happiest, healthiest self and achieve their wildest dreams.

I love working with people who have been through a change they didn’t ask for (break up, bereavement, redundancy etc), helping them to reimagine their future whilst grieving their past. I love helping Mums rediscover who they are after their identity has been taken over by motherhood. As a home educator, I love helping parents through making what can be an incredibly difficult decision with huge impacts on their families. I love helping people find a better work-life balance and introducing more fun and playfulness into people’s lives. With my experience in welfare to work and the healthcare sector, I love helping people improve their general wellbeing, no matter who they are or what’s going on in their lives. My background in the voluntary sector has also led me to support many social enterpreneurs to get clear on their life and work purpose and align the two.

You can learn more about my background here.

I’m in! What do I need to do?

Please get in touch with me for an initial conversation so that we can get to know each other a little better, and so that we can set some goals and expectations for the programme and be sure that coaching is the right route for you, and that I’m the right coach for you!



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