What are you reading at the moment?

I got Atomic Habits by James Clear as a Christmas present and loved it.

My key takeaway was how important it is to understand our purpose and desired identity before anything else. The goals and how we reach them come second. Life is about the journey, not the destination.

The immediate change I have made as a result of reading this book:

After meditating first thing, I do 50 squats and a 30 second handstand, before checking my phone.

Previously I would’ve checked my phone and then meditated. The squats and handstand are new.

I have faith that this is sustainable because:

✅I’m habit stacking by connecting these three actions together, so each one becomes the cue for the next.
✅I’m doing them first thing, so they don’t take much thought and other things don’t distract me.
✅I’m focusing on the habit of doing the squats and starting my day right rather than the goal of having a nice bum.
✅Visualising myself having that nice bum this summer is good motivation, but the immediate reward of checking my phone gives me instant gratification.
✅I’m reinforcing my identity as someone who is present, calm, and healthy.
✅I’ve chosen something that is easy and achievable: I don’t need any equipment and it only takes a couple of minutes.
✅I’ve chosen something that I believe will encourage more good habits: having done some exercise, I’m more likely to choose a healthy breakfast and maybe even lengthen my routine or do more later in the day. But if I don’t, I’ve still done some exercise that day and I can celebrate that.