You’ve probably taken steps to try to control your drinking in the past: a week off here, a Dry January there, no mid-week drinking, maximum 3 drinks on a night out, no shots…

I know I did plenty of those challenges over the years.

And challenges they were.

I felt like I was depriving myself. I felt bored and boring.

I couldn’t wait to get to the end and drink again.

Whilst you’re seeing it as a challenge or deprivation, you’re still putting alcohol on a pedestal and missing it.

Focusing instead on all the incredible benefits that being sober (even if just for a few weeks) can bring you, helps turn this into a positive, optimistic form of self-development and self-care and is the key to making this truly effortless and enjoyable.

Are you taking part in Dry July?

If you’d like some more support, I offer a self led online course for just £49 to help you reframe alcohol so that you no longer want to drink it.