These three simple tips will help you stay off the sauce this weekend, and you can do them all right now, before you’re even tempted!

📱 Download a tracking app, like Try Dry ☑️ Tell it you’ve had a dry day BEFORE you go out
✍️ Write the message you will post on social media or send to a friend on Monday celebrating your sober weekend

This will show you that you’re serious about staying sober and you believe in your ability to do it (it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks).

When someone offers you a drink and you’re tempted to accept it, you won’t want to let yourself down.

You won’t want to break your dry streak, even if you’re only on day one (you’ll be on day four by Monday!).

You’ll be excited to send that celebratory message on Monday and you’ll want to make sure it’s true.

If you find it hard to do because you don’t trust yourself, you might want to consider staying in or doing something different this time. You’ll feel strong enough to go to the pub sober soon.

Bonus tip: buy yourself your favourite foods with the money you would have spent on alcohol, and enjoy every morsel, knowing how many fewer calories you’ll be drinking this weekend.