How do you sleep?

So many people I know talk about not sleeping for long enough or well enough. Not getting enough sleep impacts EVERYTHING. It makes us grumpy, unable to problem solve effectively, slower, more likely to comfort eat…

When my children were younger, sleep was a main topic of conversation between parents. Some struggling. Some giving tips. A small horrible evil minority bragging about how well their perfect angel baby slept through the night from 3 months old.

These days I sleep really well. So well in fact that I am often embarrassed and ashamed about it.

A friend will admit to me that she goes to bed at nine, I tell her I do the same. She sighs with relief and starts telling me how great it is now getting up at 5am every day, and she’s lost me. Morning snuggles are what make life worth living, I’ll give them up for the occasional sunrise, but I usually get back into bed afterwards.

I tell someone that I go to bed at nine, and they congratulate me on how much I must get done around the house in the day. Erm, no, it just doesn’t get done. I prioritise my sleep over most other things.

People think I’m a party animal, not realising I always have a disco nap first. My game is to arrive early, get the party started, then slope off before midnight. (Just call me Cinderella.)

There are endless sleep tips out there: lavender pillow sprays, chilled eye masks, yoga nidra, white noise, turn your screens off…

😴 My sleep tip is simple: Prioritise it.