Last year I completed a coaching programme with a relationship coach I had been following on Instagram for some time. She wanted to work on her self esteem and to quit her day job to focus on her coaching business.

Between our first and second sessions, she got dumped. She hadn’t seen it coming and was utterly heartbroken. Suddenly I wasn’t just coaching a coach, I was coaching a relationship coach through a relationship issue. Scary much?!

In sessions 2-6, we worked through her heartbreak and helped her to see the positives it had brought her, many of which were related to her initial focus on improved self esteem. She started journalling and practicing better self care, and applied for a Masters.

By session 6, she’d got herself a book deal and started her Masters degree in Transactional Analysis. Her coaching business is thriving, and she is now turning clients away (sometimes sending them my way!). The day job is long gone. Her break up has given her powerful material for her book, and she’s rebuilding a friendship with her ex-partner.

She told me, “It’s been so, so useful. You’ve challenged me to move forward without rushing me. You’ve pushed me to do things I’ve thought about doing for a long time.”

Following my time in the health and wellbeing sector, I like to ask my clients to score themselves against the Five Ways to Wellbeing at the beginning and end of our work together. Above, you can see the progress that this client made.