Is your child struggling through mainstream school?

Is worrying about their wellbeing and education affecting you?

I help stressed out, overwhelmed parents like you explore whether home education would suit your family so that you can all be happier and more settled.

My Hop, Skip, Jump programme is for you if:

✅ You need a safe space to vent and explore your situation.
✅ You want to get clear on your education and parenting values so you can make a confident decision about what’s right for your child and your family.
✅ You want to feel prepared for potentially difficult conversations with schools, local authorities, and family members if you do decide to home educate.
✅ You want to feel more accepting of your school situation and how you can make it better if you decide to stick with school.
✅ You want to create more time for fun, play and creativity – whether that’s with your child in mainstream school or home education.

Once clearer on your way forward, and with more time for yourself, you might just surprise yourself with how much calmer and happier you and your child(ren) can be.

Contact me to book your free 30 minute taster coaching session.