Dear alcohol,

Thank you for giving me extra confidence when I needed it; for giving me an escape when life was hard; for helping me connect with people and have fun experiences.

I’m grateful for the things you’ve given me. I don’t even begrudge the time you’ve stolen from me as I suffered from hangovers; they were worth it.

But I don’t need you anymore.

I’m confident enough without you now even as I deal with stress or step outside of my comfort zone. I’m confident enough to not attend events where I feel I need alcohol to get through, or to leave when I’m bored. I know I won’t suffer from terrible FOMO anymore.

Maybe we’ll still hang out sometimes. There’s no hard feelings here from me. I just don’t want or need you right now, we’re still friends.

Thanks for all the good times.

Sunshine warm sober Chloe x

(This letter is from my book, Work Hard, Rest Hard, Play Hard which is available as paperback, ebook and audiobook.)