You know you want to drink less.

You want to feel good in the mornings, have more energy and motivation for the things you want to do, and to let go of shame and regret.

But by the evening, you’ve already made so many decisions throughout the day, that your willpower is depleted.

So when someone offers you a drink, you might hesitate for a moment, but ultimately you say yes.

Even though you didn’t want to drink today.

You wake up the next morning with a headache, feeling sick, regretting drinking and beating yourself up for giving in.

By making the permanent decision not to drink ONCE, and sticking to it, you no longer face this problem.

When you tell yourself and others, “I don’t drink anymore,” you don’t have to use willpower or make a decision every time someone offers you a drink. The answer is no. You don’t even have to think about it.

Abstinence is so much easier than moderation.

The only decision you need to make is which alcohol free drink to have. Coke, lemonade, trip, nozeco, tea, coffee, lime and soda?