It’s was a long battle, but in January we received the news that Oscar will be getting an Educational Health Care Plan.

I’m not big on labels, but this feels huge to me.

It’s justification that we were right to take him out of school. It’s justification for me to find this all as hard as I do (as much as I love it).

School wasn’t right for him.

He wasn’t learning. He wasn’t socialising. He was fuelled by anxiety and getting worse by the day. There was no point in him being there.

Not once at school was an EHCP even mentioned.

His needs were overlooked and unnoticed because he was basically a good quiet kid not disturbing anyone else. (I appreciate the massive pressure schools are under and blame the system, not the school.)

An EHCP means that he’ll get the help he needs from any formal education he chooses to pursue, making it accessible for him to do so.

The ability for him to receive some kind of education that’s not from me, knowing he’ll get the support he needs, means that I can throw myself more fully into my business without constant guilt.

If you think your child would benefit from having an EHCP, I am proof that you can do this on your own. There’s a lot of waiting to be done, but the process wasn’t that bad really, we felt very supported throughout.