How often do you check your emails each day?

Many of us don’t just check them several times a day, we have a notification every time we receive one, which is often.

One of my clients described it as trying to bail out a boat. The emails are endless and it feels impossible to get on top of them.

I asked how how she could relax in the boat and enjoy the sunshine instead.

She’s now set aside two slots to dedicate to her emails. One longer slot to read and respond, and a shorter slot to pick up anything more urgent inbetween. She’s also edited her out of office response and email signature to set expectations about response times.

Her clients receive the same sorts of responses in a similar timescale as before, but my client doesn’t have thoughts like, “I must get on with those emails,” hanging over her all the time anymore. She’s better able to focus on her work and to enjoy her time off too.

Looking after herself, being more mindful and focussed on her work, and leading by example by setting clear boundaries and expectations, all mean her clients now receive an even better service than before. Everyone’s a winner!

Does the thought of checking your emails on a rota fill you with terror or joy?