I tried to stop drinking so many times.

I could quite easily do a week, but by the time the second weekend came around I couldn’t wait for a drink and a night out.

Dry January was never a problem, but I’d celebrate completing it with a Very Wet February.

Then something clicked.

I was on a night out, bored.

I decided to get myself a drink to try and liven up a bit and get into it.

Then I realised how ridiculous that was.

I’m an adult.

If I’m bored, I can just go home.

If I need alcohol for something to feel fun, then maybe I don’t actually find that thing fun at all.

That was the a-ha moment, but it still took time and more failed attempts before I was ready.

It doesn’t matter how much you know you should stop doing something if you don’t actually want to.

First you need to focus on the reasons you want to be sober, rather than the reasons you don’t want to drink.

If they’re strong enough, then you’re probably ready to commit and go through with it.

If you want to stop drinking but aren’t quite ready to say that you want to be sober, send me a message.