Do you just wish you could have a couple hours to yourself?

It’s not much to ask, but those couple of hours can be seemingly impossible to find.

And when you do find them?

You spend them doing stuff you HAVE to do: getting ahead on meal prep, going food shopping, filling in that form, doing the laundry.

Or else, you just waste them away in front of the TV whilst scrolling through your phone, because you’re just too tired to do anything more than that.

It can feel like life is all work and no play.

It’s a fast-track to burnout and happiness, as you lose your sense of self because you only identify as “Mum.”

I will help you carve out regular time for yourself to use exactly as you wish and help you stick to it, leaving you a happier person and therefore a better partner, parent, employee and friend.

So if you want to start being your most authentic, fun, fulfilled self, it’s time to Hop, Skip, and Jump into a happier life.

Contact me for a free 30 minute call to find out how I could help you make 2023 your happiest year yet!

HOP will involve understanding your current situation and help you identify what you need to accept and what needs to change about it.

SKIP will get fun and creative, as you start to visualise your perfect life that meets all your needs whilst leading by example to your children.

JUMP is for when you have designed your perfect future and overcome the barriers to it and you are ready to dive in and start living it!

This is a flexible six month coaching programme designed to help you uplift your life into one that has plenty of time for work, rest, and play. It’ll help you overcome tiredness and boredom and become excited about life again, as well as leading by example for your children that life doesn’t have to stop being fun just because you have responsibilities now.