✅Someone you trust has taken your kids away for the weekend
✅You’re away from home, perhaps somewhere in nature, so there’s no cleaning or DIY niggling at you
✅You don’t have your phone or laptop or internet, so you can’t work – plus you’re on top of everything anyway
✅ You’re packed and prepared so have whatever hobby equipment you might need
✅ The weather conditions are just right for your needs

You can do ANYTHING you like. You can do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING if you want.

Sit in that feeling for a wonderful moment.

What’s it like? Liberating? Relaxing? Exciting? Or perhaps a little stressful, all that empty time stretching out in front of you with nothing to do?

How would you spend your weekend?

How much time are you making for that activity in your life right now?

If you’d like it to be more, I can help you set better boundaries, schedule your time better, and start to prioritise the things that make you feel whole.