What do you think when you hear the word ‘manifest’?

There is a misconception that manifesting means simply visualising something you want and then waiting for it to come to you. (Spoiler alert: that won’t work.)

My son puts it nicely: “say what you want as though you already have it.” (He got me with this last summer when he shouted from the waves, “I’m playing with my mum in the sea!” I couldn’t stay on the beach after that!)

Recently I was working with someone who isn’t happy in her rented home. She’d really love to buy a house but isn’t in a position to do so right now.

Instead we worked on some of her beliefs around home ownership, reframed some things (as a single mum on a low income, having a landlord to turn to in case of disaster is very handy), and she thought of practical ways she could make her rented home feel more permanent (ask for permission to paint a couple of walls).

She wrote, “I have a safe comfortable home which is ideal for my family,” on a postcard and stuck it on her fridge. It’s something that can be true now, as well as being something to strive for.

Just a few days later, she sent me this message: “Had a right house palaver today – was going to cry and stress and went and read my card – I smiled and carried on and now it seems to be moving forward.”

If you’d like some of my postcards, DM me your (UK only) address and I’ll pop some in the post for you.