Is “one step at a time” really the best way to approach your sober goals?

Breaking things down into smaller, more manageable steps and focusing on them one at a time can be really helpful in turning what seems like an impossible task into something achievable.

But if you aren’t also keeping an eye on the top of the staircase, you can lose the motivation to keep climbing, and you might not even realise when you’ve reached the top (because, spoiler alter, there is no top, just another bunch of staircases to choose from).

And if you’re not looking to the top, you might not even realise you’re on the wrong staircase until it’s too late.

Don’t lose sight of the bottom of the staircase either; looking back will remind you how far you’ve come.

And if you have to take a break and have to come back down a couple of stairs, it’s likely you’re not falling all the way back down to the bottom – however much it might feel like it!

As much as you might want to jump up to the top stair right away, you are learning so much as you climb and that knowledge is what will keep you moving upwards.

You’re doing great!