Happy Valentine’s Day!

Will you be getting jiggy tonight?

Sex and alcohol were always connected for me. Most of the sex I had before meeting my husband happened either drunk or hungover.

Even with my husband, I used to love drunk sex. With fewer inhibitions, it just felt more free and fun. Though all that bouncy around could leave me feeling a bit sick or dizzy.

Then I discovered sober sex is a million times better:

‍♀️It forces you to get confident in your own body
Everything is clear, nothing is dulled by booze
☑️ You only do it when you’re sure you want to
‍♂️You only do it with people you feel safe with
⭕️ You can be clearer on your boundaries
You can keep a decent rhythm going
⏰ You can keep at it for longer

It’s like the difference between doing it with the lights on or off.