“People are telling me I look ten years younger”

How would you like people to say that about you, without dieting, upping your exercise, or having surgery?

This client recently completed my six-week Sober and Sparkling programme.

Yes, she’s probably lost a little weight, some of the puffiness might be gone from her face and her skin is clearer and brighter.

But the real reason she looks younger is deeper than those things.

She’s learned to deal with her emotions rather than drowning them in wine, and she’s been able to let go of some things that had been dragging her down.

She’s getting to know, love, understand and accept her true self and that’s given her peace, and the confidence to be ok with not being liked by everyone.

When she first came to me, she told me she didn’t know how to be happy and she wanted to learn.

She’s now wearing the kind of smile that earns comments about looking ten years younger.

What could a six week break from booze mean to you?