Simon Sinek’s TED talk about the Golden Circle has been one of the most influential things I’ve ever watched. If you’ve not seen it yet, go and sort that out right now!!

If you understand WHY you’re doing something and you believe in it, motivating yourself to do it – even when it’s hard – becomes so much easier. But on its own, “why” can be too big a question.

Instead, try asking yourself questions like –

❓What will achieving this mean for you?

❓How important is this to you?

❓How confident are you that you can do it?

❓How will you know (and celebrate) that you’ve done it?

❓How do you feel about it?

❓How do you want to feel about it?

❓What’s getting in your way?

❓Who are doing this for?

❓How does this honour your values?

❓If you could have it now, would you take it?

Once you understand the reason you’re doing something, you might be able to find alternative solutions if the approach you’ve been using so far isn’t working for you.

If you’d like help finding your why, please get in touch.