What’s the hardest thing about starting a coaching business?

Throughout coach training, you are taught that your skills, knowledge and experience don’t matter.

In fact, the more you can relate to your client’s situation, the more likely you are to make assumptions about it, so in coaching, ignorance really is bliss.

Then you go to start your business, only to realise that coaching doesn’t sell.

People don’t understand what coaching is.

You have to choose an ideal client, a specific problem they’re dealing with, a result they want. Then you can speak about those things – often including your own experience – and reach the right people.

I’m a real all-rounder and want to be able to help ANYONE with ANYTHING so have found this particularly difficult.

Until I noticed how many people were asking me about my sobriety journey.

They asked me how they could do it themselves.

And so my niche came to me, and Sober and Sunny was born!

How did you choose your niche?