How good are you at recognising that something isn’t working and moving on from it?

Recently I was reading with my son. He loves maths, but reading is a chore for him.

Begrudgingly, he read to me (mostly in a silly voice) and made it clear he was finding the book boring.

He asked if he could give up and move onto a different book instead. I said yes, and he instantly pulled them all out to compare covers and blurbs to choose what to read first.

He was 90% of the way through his original book and has let go of it so easily. If I’m even 20% into a book I find it hard to move on, it can feel like failure. So instead I keep it by my bed not being read, and don’t start anything else either. Time to give up on my current unread book I think!

What are you holding onto that it’s time to say goodbye to? Books, diets, exercise regimes, jobs, relationships, even furniture…