Do you ever wish you could just shake off your trauma without having to talk about it?

Most mammals do this. They experience trauma, they shake and let it out, they move on. Humans have been conditioned not to do this anymore.

You can attend classes to learn Trauma Release Exercises, and there are plenty of videos on YouTube (though I’d definitely recommend a class if you can afford it and especially if you have some big trauma).

Once you’ve got the techniques, you can shake at home as often as you like. Five minutes shaking can feel as relaxing as an hour long massage. Worth a try, isn’t it?

If lying on the floor shaking seems a bit out there, think of the other times you shake. When you’re cold. A really big ugly cry. Uncontrollable laughter. A perfect orgasm. They all release feelings of stress and trauma at times of strong emotion.

I know it’s a long shot to think I’ll convince many people to take up TRE classes, but I hope I can convince most people to prioritise laughter and orgasms without too much resistance!

When did you last have a proper shaky belly laugh?