Do you have a constant battle with your kids over video games?

I know I do.

Whilst they’re on them, they’re quiet, parenting is easy and I can get things done. I’m grateful to video games for entertaining my children.

Then the guilt hits. They should be outside, playing board games, reading, seeing their friends, doing their homework. I’m a terrible parent for allowing this. It’s lazy.

I don’t generally deal in shoulds, but this is a tough one.

The fact is, it’s the most socialising Oscar does. And he BLEW MY MIND with his geology knowledge when we went on a geology tour – that’s all from minecraft.

Oscar has written this poem (with a little help) to remind me and other parents that video games aren’t all bad, and that when we call them for dinner or bedtime we are calling them back from an entirely different world and we need to be more mindful and patient with them as they return to home.

I’ll admit that I mostly switch off when my kids talk about gaming (more mum guilt) so it was really nice engaging with him for this, hearing details about the raid on his base and how he feels important, capable and confident in his games. He has a status (Head Commander) and friends who get him.

How do you manage this in your family?