“I slipped up”

Taking a break from alcohol is HARD.

If it was easy, you wouldn’t need to be doing it purposefully.

So if you have slipped up and drank when you didn’t want or plan to, be kind to yourself.

If you beat yourself up, shame yourself and feel guilty, then you’re only making it more likely you’ll turn to drink again.

Ask yourself:

❓ What triggered me to drink?
❓ How can I avoid that trigger in future when I don’t want to drink?
❓ How do I feel about my slip?
❓ What have I learned from this experience?
❓ What do I want to do next?
❓ What additional support do I need?

This experience might have strengthened your resolve to stay sober, or it might have shown you that now isn’t the right time for you. It’s only by reflecting on it that you can know which it is.