I’ve been on a huge self development journey over the last couple years, since I quit my job and took my son out of school to home educate him.

I’ve become an accredited coach and started a business.

I’ve learned to meditate, started practising yoga, and written a book.

But, by far, the most impactful thing I’ve done has been finally giving up alcohol.

Though I loved to drink at most social occasions and had a hangover most weekends, I wouldn’t have ever described myself as having a problem or an addiction.

It wasn’t about giving up a problem.

It was about gaining energy, motivation, time, money, confidence and health.

Sobriety has given me all of those things in spades.

I’m so excited about my Sober and Sunny course to help anyone who wants to embrace all of the positive things that sobriety can bring, and leave behind all of the less pleasant things that come with alcohol.