When do you work best?

I’m a morning person. My best work happens between 9am and 2pm. I get my jobs done in the morning so I can relax and play in the afternoon.

The other way round, I spend my morning anxiously going over the things I have to do in the afternoon and often they end up not happening at all.

I’m lucky. My pattern fits well with most school and employer expectations.

My home educated son is a typical teenager. Left to his own devices, he is dead to the world til about 10am.

He’s lucky. He’s home educated so he has the freedom to get the sleep he needs. (The schooled one on the other hand is dragged out of bed at 7.30am.)

I hope that the world is changing enough and workplaces are becoming more flexible so that individual work patterns can suit individual needs and strengths.

Are you able to work flexibly, to suit your body clock or childcare needs?